Louis Berger - Mosaic
Content creation and sharing evolved to probably the most important functions of smartphones. Mosaic rethinks the smartphone camera as an independent & modular device.

It's made to enable more modern & individual mobile computing setups.

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The device family consists of three different products & add-ons:
Photo Tile, the main visual sensor array, and two differently sized display docks.

Photo Tile

The Photo Tile can be used as stand alone device. Its pressure sensitive bezels, paired smart watches or hearables function as shutter buttons.

Pin Display

The display on the back of Photo Tile functions as its main GUI if used in stand-alone mode. It's made for complications, app links, notifications and to communicate to the outside with personalised messages & emojis. Furthermore the display doubles as a flashlight & torch.

S Display Tile

The small display tile adds a compact GUI to Photo Tile. With it, you get a device similar in experience to a regular smartphone, just with only half the screen real estate.
The compact display still offers enough space for scaled-down apps and a keyboard.

Eyes for your watch

Should your smartwatch be your primary mobile computer, you'll most likely miss a visual sensor for capturing photos & videos.

Smartwatches already possess a similar set of technical features compared to our phones, sometimes, however, certain applications require us to interact with a larger GUIs, to complete tasks. Mosaic delivers those features without you needing to carry a full-size phone.

L Display Tile

With the large display tile, the camera sensor docks into a bigger screen module to give you a regular smartphone experience. 


With necklaces & clothing clips, Mosaic aims at making your phone more wearable. A magnetic grip pad attaches to the back of the larger display tile to even out the z-height difference between the body and the camera module. 3rd party cases could turn the Mosaic Photo Tile into a rugged action camera etc.