Louis Berger - Duo
Duo is a set of modular wireless bone conduction headphones with built-in LTE connectivity. The concept builds upon the observation that more and more key features of smartphones transcend into smaller more independent health & activity focused wearable devices.

Duo looks into a future in which mobile personal computing evolved from mainly GUI based interactions into audio and motion-based interactions. 

The headphones are designed to be expressive yet unobtrusive, making them a reliable, neutral tool, as well as a personal object that is customizable through colours, materials and a variety of wearing options.

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Natural voice computing

Bone conduction is a very discrete and unobtrusive method to transfer sounds directly into the auditory canal.

Duo aims at making the feeling of being connected almost as natural as a sixth sense.

Understanding without words

In situations in which VUI interactions might be socially uncomfortable, adaptive micro-interactions allow the user to interact with their personal assistant by performing on-device tap & swipe gestures or motion micro-gestures.

Heart rate & Blood-pressure sensor

The arteria temporalis superficialis located in front of our ears is among one of the best places to get accurate heart rate readings.

Using an imaging process that not just monitors the frequency of blood flow, but also the changes in arterial volume could allow Duo to measure blood pressure with good precision.

Advanced Fall Detection

The two Duo drivers constantly communicate with each other, in order to understand your heads movements in space.

In combination with other body-worn sensors andpersonalized digital movement patterns, Duo could detect falls while they happen and users using neuro haptics.

Made for you

Duo can adapt to individual tastes and demands by offering an open system that can be used with other personal accessories like glasses and headbands.

The goal is to optimize the device for daily wear and all day use. Duo Loops features a variety of different colours, sensors and specific user-centric solutions.

Ear Loop

The standard Ear Loop is made from a robust, water and UV light resistant elastomer with shape memory.

All Ear Loops double as antenna elements. Flexible, three-dimensionally interlocking wires inside the Loops allow for easy adjustments and an optimal fit.

Health Loop

The Duo Health Loop allows for a series of advanced health tracking features. With an integrated Na+ ion sensor and with the help of a digital medical reference profile, Duo could help you to keep track of your hydration or blood sugar levels.

Neck & Head Loop

The Duo Neck & Head Loop are designed to have a very secure fit, made for the use during sports etc.

Aid Loop

The Duo Aid Loop uses bone conduction and a wired earbud to amplify environmental sounds in the most effective and specific method possible.

With this loop, your virtual assistant, your headphones and hearing aid are combined into one device.

Glass Adapter

Wearable technology has to carefully find an individually and socially acceptable place. With the Glass Adapter, the Duo headphones can fuse with an object that you already wear.

Different Adapter temples for various types of glasses allow you to be connected without noticeably changing your look.